'' We do not sell jewelry .. ''

We do not put a new piece of jewelry in the world just to do so. Every piece of jewelery comes with care, soul and passion and the house was founded with the intention of not selling jewelery - but to create beauty that lasts. That's why we also produce the vast majority of our jewelery from recycled and natural materials without in any way compromising on quality - we feel it is beauty, inside and out.


Behind the House we stand, Julie Mai and Matias Milton - The House is in fact so much said, because all the while it immediately brings to mind a physical size, we mean it hardly so literally. The house can best be explained as a philosophy. It is our starting point, our common frame of reference, it is space, soul, passion and a strong foundation that requires both love and perseverance. This is where our common ideas have a home and here we can invite people inside - just like in a real house.

We strive to create the best possible framework for your visit here with us - below you can read what previous customers have to say about their experience.

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