Extend durability and avoid wear and tear with these tips

The jewelery from House of Vincent consists of genuine precious metals and will therefore naturally change its expression on the surface over time when used. This can not be avoided, but you can make sure to treat your jewelry carefully and follow the advice and guidance below, to extend both durability, coating and the life of the jewelry. We recommend the following:

  • Do not sleep with the jewelry on
  • Wear the jewelery as the last step in your morning routine, so that they avoid too much contact with various skin and hair care products, make-up, perfume, etc.
  • Take off the jewelery when you play sports, take a shower, wash your hands or are in contact with water / liquids.
  • Do not expose the jewelery to solvents and chemicals, eg by wearing them during cleaning or the like.
  • Do not expose the jewelery to extreme temperatures such as heat / cold or direct sunlight (avoid sunbathing, for example).


When you are not wearing the jewelery, we recommend that you store them securely in a closed box, cloth bag or similar and optimally separately so that they do not scratch each other. By storing them in a closed container / jewelry box, you also avoid exposing the jewelry to oxygen or direct sunlight. Do not store your jewelry in damp rooms, such as the bathroom.


The precious metals will naturally oxidize over time when used and come in contact with moisture, light, dirt and oxygen. This is therefore not a complaint. Oxidation of the jewelry will also depend on the individual's PH value, so this process is individual.


Over time, the coating on your gold jewelry will wear off. Coatings are measured in microns and say something about how thick / durable the coating is. Some jewelry is only gilded with 1-2 microns, which of course shortens the life. All gold jewelry at House of Vincent is plated with 3 microns to ensure a high quality and a long life. Although our manufacturer guarantees a certain durability, the use of the jewelry will of course also have an impact on how long it lasts. However, there is a minimum two year guarantee on this, if the advice and recommendations on this page are followed.


Clean your jewelry regularly with a soft cloth (not microfiber) and neutral detergent and lukewarm water.

Note that beads are NOT detergent resistant but can ONLY be cleaned with water as they may otherwise lose their luster. For more steady dirt, a soft toothbrush can be used to gently scrub the jewelry. If this method is not effective enough, most jewelers and supermarkets have products such as polishing cloths and cleaners for either gold or silver that have been specially developed for this purpose.


Ordinary wear and tear when using the jewelery over a period of time is not covered by the right of complaint.