A cornucopia of silhouettes, delicate colors and a shelf life that surpasses everything except the plastic pendant, which is also the less charming - this is how we know the everlasting bouquets, which despite steadily increasing popularity are not necessarily dusty in the whole country. Do not despair, there is help to be had from several fronts and if you have the courage for a weekend project, you have ample opportunity to put your very own stamp on your bouquet. By the way, did we mention that the bouquets are ok budget-friendly - depending on where all-in you go of course? Below you can see how we did and what it ended up in.

If you're the impatient type, we have a useful trick at the bottom of the post.


Plants / flowers / grass species
- Canary grass
- Pampas grass
- Bridal Veil
- Valentine's Grass
- Wheat Grass
- Marguerites
- Poppy Capsules
- Drumsticks

We have shopped at our local florist and found the rest in a nearby field.

Other remedies
- Chlorine
- Paste color
- Water
- Glass containers
- Cord for drying
- Gloves


00. The starting point
First of all, we have dried our flowers and grasses - hang them with the stems up in the warmest room you have. If you are equipped with a patience that is in no way to brag about, you can also dry them in the oven - 75 degrees hot air until they are dry.

Once your entire arsenal of floral splendor is dry you can either;
A. Use them as they are.
B. Bleach and or dye them.

One does not exclude the other, some flowers can easily be fine in themselves while others are on the verge of enchanting with a little help.

01. Bleach them
Pour chlorine into a container that is a suitable size for what is to be bleached - select your stems and stick them in the container. Make sure that everything that needs to be bleached is below the surface. If necessary, lock them with tape to your container so that they do not just rise out of the container again. The longer you let them soak, the lighter they become. The bleaching worked in our case best for relatively solid species - canary grass, valentine grass, wheat grass, poppy capsules and drumsticks. Pampas grass can be bleached using a nebulizer filled with chlorine.

Also like to pale grass species you intend to dye - then the color is most clearly expressed. Hang the stems that do not need to be dyed to dry - remember that chlorine bleaches, so make sure a substrate that does not get damaged.

02. Color them
Mix your favorite pasta colors with water in glass containers - the mixture should be reasonably crisp so that your dried and / or bleached stems have the opportunity to absorb some color. We have used red and violet and let the stems pull at different time intervals. Some have stood for half an hour, giving a delicate pastel, some have drawn for 12 hours, giving a more penetrating color - depending on how strong your liquid is. Look at them along the way and assess when enough is enough.

03. Dry them
When you feel the color is right in the closet, it's time for another drying - hang them with your bleached stems and let them dry well before continuing.

04. Tie them
The culmination of your patience test - combine your stems exactly as you like; high, low, wild or systematic! Put your eternity bouquet in a vase and enjoy it for as long as you like!

If you just want a beautiful bouquet without spending any time or money, eBay is a true flower mecca - even when it comes to the dried kind.Here you can find both dried, bleached and colored stems for virtually no money - the delivery you have to wait for, but it is well spent Below you will find a few keywords:

- Bunny tail grass
- Valentine's grass
- Baby's breath
- Daisy - Natural wheat

Feel free to add words like dried, colored, bleached, stalks, stem or a specific color and look for the ones that match what you are looking for.


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