Christmas is love in raw quantities, heart space, profit and magic - for many. For others, it is characterized by stress, a guilty conscience and guilt over not being able to create exactly the framework that December is associated with. The truth is that from one year to the next we can all end right where Christmas is no longer nice but hurts both heart and soul.

With that in mind, we in this house have chosen to drop our planned January sample sale - instead we have decided to give the jewelery away to the single mothers, fathers and whole families around Denmark who, for one reason or another, do not have the opportunity to make the loose ends of Christmas meet when December demands profits and resources.
We are a small start-up company, which is why we do not have the largest funds - but specifically we have been able to gather 20 gifts together that contain a selection of the samples we have received at home last year. It could be a chain that turned out to be too long, a set of earrings that never reached the final collection, bracelets with minimal flaws in the plating - or watches that have been on display that can no longer be sold as new.
So; watches and jewelery that do not fail anything but which can certainly spread a touch of Christmas joy among Danish teenage daughters as well as sons across the country.
SO ..
Do you know someone who is in pain at Christmas - do you have one? Send us an email at with a short text about your situation - no later than December 10, 2019, so we have time to review your email, coordinate which gifts to go to and manage to get them out by December 24th.

Of course we wrap the gifts and send them away - free and clear.

Should the number of families who want help exceed the number of gifts, we reserve the right to choose those who most desperately need a helping hand this Christmas.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

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