With the AW20, we tap deeper into the personal jewelery & find our way back to nature, tranquility, the raw & beautiful. There is a focus on materials, expression & the deeper meaning - moonstones, tactile surfaces & curated minerals that remind us of our personal needs, values ​​& goals.

The unique & personal jewelery has never been more important - & we take this into account with the AW20.


personlige smykker
Put together your own unique favorite or give a gift that comes with thought, love and built-in affection value - right from the start. Moonstone is obvious for the mother who wants to wear a symbol for each of her children, for the birthday - or combined with a cross for baptism or confirmation. There is a gemstone for each of the twelve months of the year - unpolished and completely unique.

Alchemist Chain Thin x Herkimer Diamond [April] x Fragtured Truth charm //
Olga Hoops x Citrin [November] x Tear of Venus charm

statement smykker
Wear your jewelery as a statement - here is our Chunky Alchemist choker styled with two different locks and pendants, for two very different expressions.

Chunky Choker x Child of Venus Charm //
Chunky Choker x Black Swirl lock x
Infinity Luck charm


farverige smykker
May your jewelery speak a little louder than others? Choose a base that attracts attention and decorate it with pendants and locks of your choice.

Fragments of Venus choker x Moonstone [June] x Crescent Moon charm x Child of Venus charm // Fragments of Venus choker x Alchemist White Swirl choker x Tear of Venus charm


Små smykker
Small details that make a significant difference! Although our Alchemist charms are designed for the Alchemist series, they are a perfect match for the remaining collection.
The small earrings do extremely well with smaller pendants - that way they can be dressed up or down as needed.

Lunar Tale earring x Tear of Venus charm //
Elin creol x herkimer diamond [April]


smykker med kant
Contrasts are always interesting - and when we talk about jewelry, it's no exception. Combine classic elements like pearls with raw textures for an eclectic expression that is beautiful, unique and feminine at the same time.

Ingrid creol x Crescent Moon charm x Child of Venus charm //
Annabelle creol x Child of Venus charm

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