Here is your birthstone and what it says about you ...

Do you KNOW YOUR BIRTHSTONE? The stones traditionally sat in three rows of four precious stones, each of which was given a special symbolism.

Flavius ​​Josephus from the first century was the first to describe the connection between the sacred breastplate and the twelve zodiac signs. Here the gemstones are described as energy tools that were particularly potent at different times of the year - therefore the richest of the societies carried all twelve gemstones while less affluent created the tradition of carrying only the stone that could be linked to one's birth.

Until the eighteenth century, the twelve gemstones were linked with zodiac signs - since then, the stones have traditionally been considered symbols of the twelve months of the year. The gems were given as a gift at baptism with the wish that the child's life should be filled with special, positive energies and get off to a good start. Today, gemstones are typically given in connection with birthdays, but are in fact obvious in connection with most celebrations where one wishes to give a personal gift; Mother's Day gift that symbolizes one's children, the anniversary gift that symbolizes the month of the first meeting, one's wedding or other special anniversaries - or in connection with the confirmation, which in many ways is an extension of the baptism.

Do you know your birthstone and know what it stands for? Find it in the list below and read more;


The grenade symbolizes willpower, confidence & energy to overcome life's unforeseen challenges. Wear it as a reminder that you know what you're up for.

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Amethyst stands for positivity, intelligence & optimism. Let Amethyst be a reminder of all the positive aspects of life - even on a rainy day.

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Aquamarine symbolizes calm, overview & compassion - let the crystal be a reminder to keep calm in stressful situations & to always listen to yourself & others.

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Herkimer Diamond stands for clarity, stubbornness & courage in life. Let your herkimer diamond be a reminder that your inner strength can lead you wherever you want.

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Emerald symbolizes hope, empathy & love. Let the emerald be a reminder of eternal hope & love for yourself & the world.

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The moonstone is a symbol of intuition, balance & protection. Let it be a reminder to trust yourself & your instincts.

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The ruby ​​is a symbol of love, passion & adventure in all aspects of life. Let the ruby ​​be your reminder to live life with all the love you can.

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Peridot is a symbol of kindness, positivity & openness Let your peridot be a reminder to always treat others well & have your heart with you.

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Sapphire is a symbol of reliability, calm & intelligence. Let the sapphire be a reminder to always keep calm - even in stressful situations.

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Pink tourmaline is a symbol of adventurousness & strong intuition. Let your tourmaline be a reminder not to be afraid to take chances - life has a lot to offer.

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Citrine is a symbol of luck, generosity & forgiveness. Let the citrine be a reminder that everyone makes mistakes including yourself - & that it's okay.

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Turquoise is a symbol of wisdom, honesty & willpower. Let the turquoise be a reminder that you get the farthest with honesty & hard work.

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